Blogging with John Chow – Insider Review

“Blogging with John Chow” is an internet marketing course developed by John Chow and Peng Joon.
John Chow
A very famous and succesful blogger who made his fortune by his innovative style of writing on his blog and various courses that he published.
John Chow is one of those few people who made money without the help of Google search engine. His main crowd puller is his email list which is by last count HUGE.
He though a Canadian citizen is respected among the IM globe as an authority and celebrity figure.

Peng Joon
This whiz kid of IM is quite younger in comparison to John Chow. But in a very small time span he has made a name for himself due to his affiliate marketing style and projects.

Imagine what you will get when you combine a veteran experience with young and vibrant ? Its like Elvis and Justin Bieber are coming together. Now that is going to cause some ripples, right.

Well thats what I thought, when I first found out about these two’s joint venture called “Blogging With John Chow”.
So I tried to find out as much prelaunch info I tried to find out. But I was late and the product was announced on 4th December and is now open for public. So instead of sneaking around I went straight ahead and bought the program right away.
From past experience I knew Clickbank can be a bad place for internet marketing (IM) related products. But then I have been a regular follower of John, so I decided to give it a go.

30 day action plan”. This is of tremendous help in my view.

“As somebody who struggled to set up blogs that turn a profit I’ve been through numerous courses on blogging,” says Hendricks. “I would like to tell that the one thing that stands out about Blogging With John Chow course is that he starts at the very beginning and covers all aspects. There remains no concern about it being ‘too technical’. This program is newbie friendly.

Those wishing to purchase Blogging With John Chow, or for more information, click here.

So my verdict is go for it. Just Check it out. The product is greatly under sold. It is going to over deliver.
For further clarifications and my updates subscribe to my emails. Type in your details and I will show is how deep the rabbit hole goes :)


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How to install wordpress on your blog

So you have now registered a website name and a hosting account. Good. So what should you do next? This definitely depends upon your purpose of the website. Assuming you are setting up a blog, the undoubted platform is WordPress. Now the wordpress platform as I have talked earlier is a very user friendly and widely used blogging platform.
There are 2 ways to install a wordpress blog on your platform. The first one is very easy if you have your webhosting at Why? Because they have fantastico installer in their cpanel. As a matter of fact every good webhosting nowadays has fantastico.
So the easiest way as I was narrating is to go into your cpanel and to the Fantastico Installer. In the installer you will find WordPress tab on left side under Blogs. Now-a-days many people are using WordPress more of as a content management scheme rather than just for blogging purposes.More of that later. So When you click the wordpress tab in the installer you will find one click install button, that when clicked will install wordpress in your root folder.
That is like or in this instance. You just have to give a user name and a password and an email address. Thats it. Just type in
your website name in the address bar of your favourite browser. You will get your website/blog ready. Some people want to have their blog on a separate folder. That option is very easily available in fantastico itself. So do not worry, if you want to have  format for your blog.
The other way is a bit longer. In it you have to first download the wordpress folder from WordPress codex site. Then you have to craete an sql database in the phpmyadmin menu in the cpanel. The only advantage of this method is that you can install they most latest version of wordpress on your blog. But for beginners and professionals alike the fantastico way is indeed the fantastic way to install wordpress on your site.
Now wordpress is a community driven opensource software that gets on an average 2 major updates every year. So it is expected on your part to upgrade your wordpress installation every year.
But rest assured there are very easy ways in which you can upgrade your wordpress installation without any problem.
So just install the wordpress blog, and take the first step towards blogging and making money online.

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How to buy web hosting?

After you knew how to register a web domain name, you need to host that domain at some web hosting. Do not think about free webhosting services. Go for paid webhosting services. I personally use Hawkhost. They are very professional and I have been using them for the last 4 years without any problem. You can read my Hawkhost Review and get cash back and coupons if you like.

Next point will be to go to Hawkhost.comand choose a webhosting type of you liking.There are 4 types.

Basic Standard Advanced Super
     $3.29/mo. $4.96/mo.  $8.29/mo. $10.79/

Just choose a small one, then you can increase it any time you want.

You have to enter your domain name. will be the getway to enter the control panel of your website’s hosting. But before you can enter the cpanel of your hosting, you need to change the nameservers on your godaddy cpanel to and After you have made the payment, you will receive the details of your login and password. After you log in you can upload html files to the root folder or you can use fantastico to install a blog/website or forum of your choice.

I forgot to tell you that the cpanel of Hawkhost has fantastico that makes wordpress blogs automatically.

So buy that hosting and I promise you will get more than my bonus. In the next blog post we will learn about how to install wordpress on your blog.

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How to register a domain?

OK so you want to have an online presence. Then you need a website. Pretty simple.  Though there are free alternatives, but having your own domain has a lot of advantages apart from the bragging rights. In this post I will tell you how to register a web domain. At the very onset I would like to make it clear that dot com is the best domain extension, period.
Money Makers around the world have dot coms. People who have their name already might have unusual extensions. But that does not mean they have good domain extensions.
One example is, It is blog of wordpress’s founder Matt Mullenweg. But as you have guessed Matt does not need to prove himself. Another point if you want to have a respectable income from the internet, then dot com is way better than dot net or dot org extensions.
I will discuss about importance of TLDs in some other posts.
So first head over, this is the defacto standard among webmasters. Godaddy is a domain registrar. There are a lot of other registrars like, and .
Each have their own pros and cons. But every registrar worth his salt has a search bar on their home page where people can search for the available names for their websites.
So enter the name that you want to register in the search bar. Then click enter. Most of the time you will not find the exact match, but do not loose heart. All of the registrars show you the alternates that are available. So go ahead and choose one. You have to fill in your actual details, create an account and pay the registration charge for at least 1 year. But in my view pay for more than 1 year. Because that gives you a lot of credibility in the eyes of Google.

In coming posts we will learn how to buy web hosting and much more.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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